The life and times of a Grassroots Coach

AFC Uckfield Colts Coaching session

Posted on 09/05/2017 by GRF Admin

S/he looks at the clock at work, it’s 4:30 and needs to be at the pitch an hour before everyone else. Put the nets up, mark out the field, sort out the strips, fill out the team sheet, fill the water bottles make sure S/he has the first aid kit, won’t have any dinner today or get to spend some time with his/her own kids. S/He sent out the texts last night only a few replied back “can’t they just let me know, will I have enough” S/he thinks. The first cars arrive and the parents ask “what time is kick off at” “half 6” “grand we’ll be back then” the car speeds off probably to go home for their dinner. Coach was hoping they might stay and give a hand but some people are just to busy.

Coach picks the team, S/he doesn’t want leave anybody on the line, S/he’s feeling guilty “everyone will get a game” coach tells the players , some players are happy others look upset and coach insures them they’ll play. Some players are nervous so coach calms them down and tells them to “go out and enjoy it and try your best” S/He knows some parents won’t be happy their child isn’t starting. As coach walks to the field S/he can hear some people commenting “my lad shouldn’t be there” “he shouldn’t be starting” ” he’s only starting because coach is friends with his father” they whisper. The coach keeps his/ her focus on the match. The game is going well and Coach gives everyone a run.

The ref blows for full time, S/he gathers the players around tells them all they played great, coach doesn’t mention the mistakes “ye gave it yer all, well done and thanks for coming along” the players have to go as some parents are in a rush to go home. “Don’t forget we’re training on Thursday” the manager says as the parents drive off “sure I can’t be asking them” S/he thinks “they have to rush home” As the pitch empties coach carry’s the spare football’s, the water bottles and first aid kit.

The nets must be taking down the strips washed and it’s now nearly half 8. Still no dinner S/he’s been gone since half 7 this morning and hasn’t seen his/her own family all day Coach is tired now. Coach locks the gate, and finally gets home his/her kids and partner are happy to see them. Coaches partner says “I don’t know why you do it” coach replies “ah sure everyone else is to busy” “but what about us” asks coaches partner and kids “I know love but I have to do it for the club”

This season coach got off early from work to coach your kid, S/he will miss out on their own family time for your kid, S/he will spend a lot of money on petrol to drive to club/league/county fa meetings/collecting kit and trophies/messaging leagues/ other coaches. Coach will look after your kid like one of their own. Coach will comfort them when they get kicked, console them when they lose. So the next time you feel like criticizing think about what coach does so your kid can play Football.

These guys are the real footballing heroes, let’s make them feel like it.